Making sure our practice is a good match for your family

In order to ensure that our practice is a good fit for your family, our Clinical Coordinator, takes the time to call all families looking to transfer their care to our practice and talk to them about the ins and outs of the practice, policies and procedures, etc.

An important thing to consider when transferring care is vaccination. At our practice, ALL children follow the CDC recommended vaccine schedule. Vaccination is something we strongly believe in as an essential part of optimal healthcare. If you are not planning on vaccinating or are looking for alternative vaccination schedule, unfortunately, our practice would not be a good match for you.

Next Steps

After you speak to our Clinical Coordinator she will provide you with next steps and timelines. The most important thing is to request medical records from the practice you are transferring care from. We do not schedule appointments without having received medical records. Therefore, please check with your current provider what their process is. Typically, you will be asked to sign a release and they can either mail us your child’s records or give them to you so you can drop them off at our facility.

Thank you for considering Roslindale Pediatrics to be your family’s next care provider!